Top 10 Signs of Power Supply Failure

No matter how well you construct your PC or how thorough the testing is, some components will inevitably fail over time. One of the most common issues for techs has always been power supply failure due to its prevalence. It’s important to identify these issues as soon as they occur and take action accordingly so that we can do what we need without too much effort involved.

Signs of power supply failure

If you are experiencing any of these issues, it may be because you have a failing or even completely failed power supply:

  1. Power-off Fails (system fails to start or lock ups)
  2. The computer rebooted spontaneously
  3. Intermittent Lockups During Applications
  4. Hard drive and fan failed to spin at the same time (-6 failures)
  5. A malfunctioning power supply may cause overheating, which leads to fan failure.
  6. Small power outages cause the system to reboot again
  7. Electric shocks were felt when the case was touched
  8. All systems are down and there is no light coming from the LEDs on my motherboard.
  9. Smoke was coming out of the PSU or other components
  10. Local circuit breakers were shutting down every time we started up the computer

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