AMD Ryzen 3000 vs Ryzen 4000G

There has been a lot of excitement surrounding AMD’s new Ryzen 4000G Series, but there has also been some confusion. AMD has been really good about delivering high-quality hardware for consumers recently, so why is there such mixed information coming from their announcements? Let’s go over some key points and compare what makes AMD Ryzen 3000 different from Ryzen 4000G.

What is Ryzen 4000G

The AMD Ryzen 4000G series is their newest line of CPUs (Central Processing Units) and GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) all on one chip. Equipped with Advanced Integrated Graphics, it was made for people who want more from a processor without having to buy an expensive graphics card separately; these new APUs could also be called Renoir because of the similarity between them and other products in the Ryzen 3000 family.

How Does Ryzen 3000 compare to Ryzen 4000G?

A Ryzen 3000 replacement is not what the 4000G Processors are. Just like how 3000s use an upgraded Zen+ architecture, 4000Gs also use one called Zen 2 which makes it difficult to tell them apart performance-wise. Still, what we can assume from this small difference in architecture is that while these two CPUs may look similar and even perform similarly when looking at just pure CPU-related tasks alone – you’ll see an average of 5-10% better performance out of Ryzen 3000 instead of its newer counterpart when they’re both set up together with otherwise similar configurations.

Check out the table below for a better look at how these two product categories relate to one another.

Cores/ThreadsStock SpeedBoost Speed
Ryzen 3Ryzen 33004/83.84.3
Ryzen 4300G4/83.84.0
Ryzen 5Ryzen 36006/123.64.2
Ryzen 4600G6/123.74.2
Ryzen 7Ryzen 3700X8/163.64.4
Ryzen 4700G8/163.64.4

What is Ryzen PRO 4000G?

Alongside their new line of APUs for businesses, AMD has also announced Ryzen PRO processors. These chips closely mirror the 4000G models in both performance and price, but they include some extra security features specific to enterprise clients that make them an excellent option for anyone who needs beefed-up protection from potential threats. Get all the details about what Ryzen PRO can do for you at home or at work here!

Cores/ThreadsStock GHzBoost GHzSecurity Features
Ryzen 3Ryzen 4350G PRO4/83.84.0Yes
Ryzen 4300G4/83.84.0No
Ryzen 5Ryzen 4650G PRO6/123.74.2Yes
Ryzen 4600G6/123.74.2No
Ryzen 7Ryzen 4750G PRO8/163.64.4Yes
Ryzen 4700G8/163.64.4No

Who Should Buy Ryzen 4000G

With this information in hand, who should buy AMD’s new APU processors? For enterprise customers looking for the security advantages of Ryzen PRO or mainstream users seeking the value proposition APUs offer, the answer is clear. However, power users or gamers with an extremely high budget looking to pair their two systems together need to purchase Ryzen 3000 instead.

Where to Buy

At this point in time, AMD offers their Ryzen 4000G and PRO 4000G processors exclusively through OEMs such as ourselves – they are not available individually at retail outlets such as NewEgg, Amazon or other component retailers.

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