Are Best Buy & Big Box Store PC’s Worth It?

When looking for a new gaming computer, there are many options. A custom-built from the scratch machine or even a pre-built desktop can do the trick; but then again, it all depends on what you’re looking for.

Big Box Stores such as Best Buy and Walmart are now offering gaming computers with surprisingly low prices. While these may seem like excellent buys at first glance, one needs to take an in-depth look before buying one of them.


Big box PCs are not usually designed to achieve high-end performance. The components can sometimes be subpar, leading people who are seeking maximum framerates to look elsewhere.

As you can see, there are many risks associated with buying a pre-built system from a retailer. They might not have the hardware you need for optimum performance if you plan to overclock your computer; additionally, these machines often come loaded with unnecessary programs that can slow it down even more than necessary.

Cheap Components

One of the most considerable drawbacks to buying an all-in-one desktop computer from a big box store is the parts. Typically made from low-quality materials, these computers can make anything run much slower than if you were using something like a laptop or PC tower.

From the casing to the internal wiring, never count on good quality electronics for a system such as this, finds off-the-shelf. A power supply (PSU) is one of the most commonly skimped on areas. Cheap power supplies have low efficiency and failure rates; they also tend to damage other parts if they go bad.

The GPUs and other components found in these machines are usually basic units that were bought in bulk through an OEM, rather than something of higher quality – such as those from EVGA. The CPU coolers tend to be no different; they’re typically just stock or barebones units.

Looks & Style

Some individuals may not mind this, but many others do, as they want a new gaming PC that not only performs but also has a great aesthetic appeal. Large box style units often come equipped with low-quality cases made from cheap plastic which is unattractive; internal wiring is often ignored too, hurting the aesthetics of the computer build but more importantly hindering upgrading potential.

Long Term Value

While it may seem like you’re saving money upfront, this generic brand computer isn’t really built to last forever. As time goes on, upgrading hardware will become more difficult and sometimes even impossible because of the lower-quality components and lack of interest in designing a cooling solution. So while there may be an initial saving, it will eventually cost more for repairs than just buying an already-made custom desktop from our company!

If you’re looking for a new gaming computer, take into account both the price of the machine and its durability before making your decision. For example, if you want to spend less then consider buying something cheaper that won’t break soon after purchasing it; but long-term this might not satisfy your needs as much as if you pay just a little more for a sturdier system that lasts longer – in other words, an investment worth every penny.

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