Are Cheap Gaming PCs a Good Value?

Gaming PC’s are usually quite expensive. However, if you’re looking for something a little more affordable and still just as functional, pre-built options might be the way to go. But do these cheaper gaming PC’s work well?

Advantages of Cheap PCs

The main perk of cheaper gaming PCs is undoubtedly the low price. Most gamers buy the most powerful computer they can afford, but rarely consider what they actually need or will use it for. For example, if all you’re going to do is play games like Apex Legends at 1080p/60 fps on medium settings, then why would you even bother with a high end intel processor and GTX series graphics card?

Yes, a more affordable system with midrange components will do just fine. A well-built system like these that are sold here at Velocity Micro is definitely worth the investment too – they give you some room to grow while still staying within your budget; so it doesn’t matter how much space you have or don’t want to spend right now. Just grab one of those systems, and if you need anything else later on down the line, then no problem!

Disadvantages of Cheap PCs

Buying a budget system has its benefits, but it also comes with its own set of disadvantages.

Upgrade Path/Compatibility

You will notice when looking for a system with lower prices, that sometimes those systems have parts that are older. But it doesn’t mean it’s bad if the performance is still good enough for what you want to do – only that it could affect upgrading potential. For instance, buying a system with an old-generation motherboard means you may not be able to upgrade your CPU next year when they release one new edition.

Performance & Overclocking

You can find entry-level computers at a fraction of the price you would spend on an expensive model. However, these cheaper machines may not produce high-quality graphics or allow you to overclock.

Component Selection

If you are looking to buy a cheap gaming PC, it’s important to make sure that the components themselves aren’t too bad – some manufacturers may cut corners on power supplies, cooling systems, or even the motherboard. Always make sure you’re buying something of value at the end of all this!

Overall, it is better to purchase a cheaper gaming computer when you’re on a budget. Check before you purchase a system whether it will be able to handle your game settings and games.

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