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When deciding to head to medical school, there are many important things to do to get yourself prepared. One of the most crucial elements that will allow you to be prepared is obtaining the correct laptop. And therefore it is essential to understand that the best laptop for medical students is among those which gives you enough power and performance.

The best laptop for medical students that you can find that will be the most beneficial for medical school will have the great processing power, memory, storage space, battery life, and of course how much it weighs.

The reason why the chosen laptops are selected in the list below is that they all provide the best of these elements and will allow you to maximize your learning rather than the tools. When going to medical school you want to have a lightweight laptop to carry around to your classes and you will want to find one that will function for all the heavy schooling studies that the medical field requires.

Acer Aspire E 15 or AA15 – Best Laptops For Medical School Students

Acer Aspire E 15 or AA15 Best Laptops For Medical School Students

The Acer Aspire, (AA15), provides a cost-effective choice of a laptop for medical school. Finding the extra money to buy a laptop when choosing to go to medical school can be daunting.

Therefore, the AA15 can provide you with not only a strong functioning laptop but also one that will not break the bank in order to obtain. AA15 has many operational functions that will help you along your way during your studies. With a 1.6 GHz, and windows ten operating system, this laptop is perfect for the programs that are used throughout the duration of your medical school time.

This best laptop for medical school students is around five pounds and has a RAM of eight gigabytes. To top that off, the AA15 has a 15.6 screen size to allow better visualization for each of your studies and reports that you will need to accomplish.

MacBook Air 13 – best laptops for medical school

Lightweight and fast performing laptop for medical students

MacBook Air 13

The MacBook Air, (MBA13), is another top choice of a laptop for medical students because many students like to work with Apple vs Microsoft. While some students learn better with Microsoft programming laptops, others have grown to love Apple and the programming it allows the user to manipulate.

The MBA13 is an Apple laptop that functions with an i5 core processor and runs with 1.8GHz for faster workloads. Since Apple is known for some of its programming features, MBA13 uses similar programs such as Siri or Keynote, and these much like other Apple devices can synchronize with no delay.

This is a great choice for medical students because the medical student will need to use a variety of programs to get the best research done for each of their projects with unified use.

Lenovo Flex 5 or LF5 – best laptop for medical student

All around best laptop for medical students 

Lenovo Flex 5 or LF5

The Lenovo Flex, (LF5), is a driving force when it comes to choosing a laptop for medical school because of its dynamic flexibility of use that is required through medical studies and classes.

The LF5 provides a touchscreen and high processing power of 256 gigabytes, meaning you will have effortless uploading speeds and prompter allocation time. To top that off, the LF5 has a daylong battery life to help you focus on your studies instead of when the next charge will need to take place.

Along with that feature, the LF5 provides the Flex programming to make your passwords easier to manage or it gives you the ability to use a fingerprint to access the computer. This computer is ideal for medical student because it is fast, efficient, touchscreen, and has daylong battery life.

Dell Inspiron 13 5000 2 in 1 – best laptops for med school

Best reviewed dell laptop for medical students 

Dell Inspiron 13 5000 2 in 1

The Dell Inspiron or DI135 has touched new limits with the levels of generational programming that it can give medical students. With a cost-effective laptop, it allows users to have eight gigabytes of RAM and operates on a Windows 10 platform.

It is exceptionally lightweight weighing at only three and one-half pounds. Another prodigious feature that the DI135 provides medical students is the 256 hard drive space. This laptop is an all in one best laptop for medical students because it gives features that are sought after with desktops, however, this laptop is portable and straightforward.

To top that off it has the touch-pad structure to allow stronger highlights to make your journey through medical school as unproblematic as possible.


Above mentioned laptop are well equipped with the necessary processing power and storage that is needed for a medical student. These laptops will allow more flexibility in terms of battery life and performance. Also being lightweight, these laptops can be carried around with no hassle.

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