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1.Lenovo T420 – Best Laptops For Music Production

Lenovo T420 Best Laptops For Music Production

If you still want to buy a DJ laptop for up to 500 euros, I recommend that you consider buying a used business laptop, such as the Lenovo T420. These devices have proven themselves, are reliable, and are also often bought second-hand by professional DJs, especially in the mobile sector. You can also get a Lenovo T420 from Amazon * with a guarantee if that’s your concern. The Lenovo notebooks are ideal as a DJ notebook because they are very robust, well-made, and absolutely reliable.

2. Lenovo IdeaPad U330P – good laptops for djing

Laptop Lenovo

If I should still recommend a DJ laptop for less than 500 euros, then I would use the Lenovo IdeaPad U330P instead, which is currently available for less than 500 euros on Amazon *. The device meets all the criteria for a DJ laptop. An Intel i5 processor with up to 2.7 GHz, together with 4GB RAM and a 256 SSD disk, provides the necessary power to hang up. The screen is 13 inches and has a resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels, which in my opinion is sufficient to hang up on. Please note that no operating system (Windows) is installed in this offer. This must also be purchased and installed independently.

3.Lenovo U31-70 Slim Ultrabook – best laptop for dj

Another cheaper alternative as a DJ laptop for up to 500 euros would be the Lenovo U31-70 Slim Ultrabook. You can get this notebook for less than 500 euros on Amazon *. The processor of this notebook has a performance of up to 2.1 GHz. This is an Intel i3 processor. The Lenovo U31-70 also comes with 4GB Ram and a hybrid hard drive with 500GB and 8GB SSHD. The display is also 13 inches, with a resolution of up to 1920 × 1080. Here, too, no operating system is pre-installed and must be installed independently.

How Does a DJ Laptop Work?

Hanging up with a laptop is actually quite simple and quickly explained. The DJ laptop simply serves as a playback device for music files, which are either located directly on your notebook or an external hard drive.

You should definitely use DJ software and not work with any MP3 players such as iTunes, Spotify, or WinAmp. Of course, you can also play music with it and for some, it is also “hang up”, but with hang up in the sense of “two turntables and a mixer” it doesn’t really have much to do.

A DJ software turns your DJ laptop into a real mix station. The DJ software virtually maps a mixer and 2 playback devices, such as turntables or CD players, so to speak. You have up to 4 decks here, which you can operate and mix at the same time.

In addition, the most popular DJ programs have various other functions, effects and other creative options for your mix. The best-known DJ software systems include Serato DJ, Native Instruments Traktor, Virtual DJ, Mixvibes and Rekordbox.

How Can I Hang Up With a Laptop?

If you want to hang up with a laptop, you have several options. In the following, I will briefly introduce you to the 3 most popular options:

1. Hang up with a laptop, DJ software, keyboard, and mouse

The easiest way to use your DJ laptop is with a keyboard and mouse. It might sound “stupid”, but it really works. You can also operate any DJ software with your notebook’s keyboard and mouse. However, this method of hanging up is by no means comfortable, intuitive, and, above all, simple.

Depending on the software, you can assign different commands to certain keys in order to simplify operation, but for most of them, you will never feel the right way to hang up. If you ever want to play a little DJ software, then you can give it a try. But believe me, you will lose the fun and lust so very quickly.

2. Hang up with laptop and DJ controller

A so-called DJ controller makes it much easier to hang up with a laptop. The DJ controller virtually replaces the keyboard and mouse from the first option presented. The DJ controller is used to control the DJ software on the DJ laptop. The laptop is connected to the notebook via USB and sends MIDI commands to the DJ software. The DJ controller can be seen as an all-in-one device consisting of 2 playback devices and a mixer in the middle.

Depending on the type of controller, the DJ controller maps the DJ software and its functions almost 1: 1. If you move a fader or press a button, this also happens in the software. If you are not looking for a title in the search, you only need the DJ laptop as a display when you hang up. There is no need to reach for a notebook.

DJ controllers are available with and without a sound card. With a built-in sound card (also called interface), you can connect your headphones and your speakers and subwoofer or your entire system directly to the controller, without any additional hardware. If you use a DJ controller without a sound card, you have to connect the headphones and system directly to the DJ laptop or an external sound card. You can find more about this in the What do I need to hang up with a laptop?

3. Hang up with laptop and DVS or digital vinyl system

Another possibility for placing with a laptop is a DVS a so-called or Digital V ynyl System. A DVS can be seen as a link between a conventional DJ set, consisting of CD players or turntables and a mixer, and a DJ notebook. The digital vinyl system ensures that the DJ laptop is connected to the DJ set in order to control the DJ software with it.

A DVS system usually consists of a sound card, which is connected between the DJ mixer and DJ laptop, and control media. The control media consist of two CDs (timecode CD) and / or two records (timecode vinyl). The control media turn the DJ mixer, CD player, and turntables into a DJ controller and ensure that the DJ software can be controlled via them.

What is the advantage of Best Laptops For Music Production?

Using a laptop to hang up on has several advantages. All the music you need to hang up is stored on your DJ laptop. So you always have everything with you. You don’t have to lug any CDs or records with you to the gig and, above all, you don’t have to make a selection in advance which CDs or records you want to take with you.

It happened and always happens that you wanted to play a track that you didn’t have with you. A DJ laptop makes the whole thing much easier and more flexible, provided that various criteria for a good DJ laptop are observed.

Play digital stuff without a DJ laptop. For example, some CD players can read USB sticks and hard drives, so there is always the option of having all the music with you without having to make a selection beforehand.

Here, however, it is often a hindrance that the CD players are very cumbersome to use when it comes to searching through USB sticks. Really good CD players are also not very cheap.

For those who only go to clubs and are used to dealing with these players, this type of DJing can be a solution. But if you want to play a lot with your own equipment, this variant is rather unsuitable in most cases.

Another advantage of using a laptop and your own equipment is that you know your DJ notebook, the music and the DJ software on it. The same applies to a possible DJ controller.

You know what you have in your belongings and you don’t have to adjust to different equipment in every location, especially since it can happen that you have to hand in equipment in the club that no longer works properly.

Do I really need a DJ laptop?

Of course, you don’t need an extra DJ laptop. If you are still at the very beginning and want to see if hanging up with a laptop is something for you, then it is enough if you use an existing notebook to hang up. Even a desktop PC can be used to start out.

You can install DJ software on any system that meets the requirements of the DJ program. This is exactly how you can connect a DJ controller to any laptop or PC.

However, if you plan to hang up permanently and also accept gigs, then you should definitely consider getting an extra DJ notebook. The reason is that a DJ notebook should only be used to hang up, play and edit music. No unnecessary software packages, drivers or similar things are installed on a DJ laptop.

Everything that is not needed and that could affect the laptop and the DJ software is removed, deactivated or left out directly. A good DJ laptop is optimized for hanging up with a laptop in order to avoid or reduce interference and problems from the outset.