How to start using Edpuzzle for students

Edpuzzle is a web-based tool that aids educators in editing videos in order to present them as part of their lessons. With its multitude of features, edpuzzle gives teachers the power to cut and edit video footage easily before inserting it into presentations. Moreover, edpuzzle …

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How to get Padlet for students

Padlet is an online hosted board for students, teachers, entrepreneurs, and more. Users can create a personal space to post text, videos, images, and links as well as save them privately or share them with others anytime they please. With a variety of tools built-in …

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How to start video marketing

Recent years have shown that video marketing is an effective way to market a company’s services and offerings. It only makes sense that businesses would want to take advantage of this trend as well since video content is one of the most popular things people …

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