Best CPU for Video Editing

Choosing the right CPU can make or break your video editing experience. For this reason, we carry a variety of CPUs for different applications- no matter what you need to do, we have something suitable for you!

How Does CPU impact Video Editing

With most programs, it’s the CPU that affects video editing performances because it handles all the initial video views and less complicated edits. The GPU is usually used for filters, effects, and 3D renders that are more complex. What program one has dictates how much of the processing power goes to each one-Premiere Pro is well known for being more CPU heavy, while Davinci Resolve relies more on the GPU-so make sure you ask the company what they think before committing yourself to anything!

When looking for a CPU for video editing, people should pay attention to the number of cores and the frequency of each one. More processor cores means that it’ll handle more intensive tasks better, so long as you’re using software that takes advantage of multithreading capabilities. However, high core speeds are less significant than an increased number of cores – they don’t mean much if they aren’t backed up by enough processing power from other components such as RAM or GPU.

Best budget CPU for Video Editing

After analyzing all of this information, we are able to identify the best possible CPU for video editing as the one with the highest number of cores per dollar.

From the Intel side, we’re looking at a powerful Core i5-10600k chip that has six cores and twelve threads clocked in at 4.1/4.8GHz for just about $300. You might find other six core processors out there for less than this price, but none of them will be able to handle even professional-level video editing without some issues cropping up somewhere along the way.

One of the newer processors by AMD, the Ryzen 5 5600X is also one of its most affordable. 3.7/4 cores and twelve threads. 6GHz – it’s perfect for video editing software or rendering videos with multiple effects applied to them such as color correction or greenscreen keying – though these GHz speeds may seem slow when you first look at them in numbers form, they’re actually much faster than their Intel counterparts due to the efficiency boost that comes with AMD’s newest architecture, which has led this particular chip to be benchmarked up to 25% higher.

Configure now with an Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processor on our HD60 Workstation.

Best Overall CPU for Video Editing

For professionals looking for the best CPU there is, you can’t go wrong with AMD Threadripper. It boasts up to 64 cores and 128 threads which are incomparable in speed- rendering even the most complicated video and graphic designs with ease. Hundreds of design studios all over the world have switched to workstations powered by this incredible chip – we even build them ourselves!

Configure an AMD Threadripper for our HD80 Workstation.

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