How to start using Edpuzzle for students

Edpuzzle is a web-based tool that aids educators in editing videos in order to present them as part of their lessons. With its multitude of features, edpuzzle gives teachers the power to cut and edit video footage easily before inserting it into presentations. Moreover, edpuzzle offers both content-based assessments as well as various video templates for different subjects and grade levels – making this an excellent teaching aide for instructors at all levels.

Using Edpuzzle as a student: Overview

Edpuzzle is an online app made for educators so they can create short videos and share them with their students. With the app, there are various ways you can edit your video to make it more engaging for the student. For example, you could show a picture of what you’re talking about or display some text describing what’s happening on screen. Students’ engagement would be tracked so if there was something said in the video that could use improvement – it could be noted and fixed for future classes! As well as feedback from these engaged students, Edpuzzle gives teachers who are using the app a way to improve themselves through constructive criticism or even just knowing how much their students enjoyed their latest lesson!

Furthermore, students and teachers can share projects already created with Edpuzzle. Plenty of educational video tutorials are readily available to download from YouTube, Khan Academy, and Crash Course.

Teachers are able to keep track of student progress through the Edpuzzle platform. Teachers can see how many times students watch videos and which sections each student watches. Self-paced learning is also a possibility for students because they can explore topics independently without feeling rushed, which has never been possible before.

How to start using Edpuzzle for students

It is relatively easy to sign up for Edpuzzle either if you’re a teacher or student. For students who wish to use this product, they need first visit the official website. Click the Sign Up tab in the top right corner of the page. The next step is inputting all required information so as to create an account; which will provide them with their own basic plan when finished.

The Edpuzzle free plan is an option which requires no payment as long as you are a student. While this has some limitations, they can be worked around by going to the Teachers Pro License (which we will discuss in greater detail later).

Pricing of Edpuzzle

Edpuzzle offers three different subscription packages: the Free Plan, Pro Teacher and Schools & Districts. The Free Plan includes access to millions of videos along with basic features such as creating video lessons, adding audio and notes, saving up to 20 videos at once, etc. A plan called Pro Teacher costs $11.50 per month and includes all features of the Free Plan while also providing unlimited storage space and other additional features such as personal assistance from an expert educator or developer

Pricing of Edpuzzle

Teachers who subscribe to Schools and Districts receive access to the same platform as Pro Teachers.  

Features of Edpuzzle

Edpuzzle offers tons of tools for teachers to use so they can present videos to students in an engaging and intuitive way. You can embed hyperlinks, insert images, add rich text, and create formulas with a web-based video creation application. Prevent Skipping is one of those tools that stops students from skipping through your video which helps them take note at all times while watching it. Furthermore, the student cannot stop playing the video while also doing something else as it forces them to pay attention whenever it plays.

One of my favorite features about Edpuzzle is that you can embed audio into videos – something that makes learning more interactive. I often find students become much more attentive when they hear their teacher’s voice coming through the screen! It also helps teachers keep track of how long student takes to complete an assignment or listen to a video, which is made possible with the Projects feature. If you’re looking for an educational website that encourages participation and creativity among its users, look no further than Edpuzzle!


Edpuzzle helps teachers create quality interactive lessons that engage students all over the world. The tools they offer are easy to use and provide features that simplify the teaching process. Teachers can monitor student progress without missing a beat with Edpuzzle’s helpful features.

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