Top 7 Facebook Ad Strategies

When word got out about Apple’s change in policy, many advertisers were worried… and with good reason. If you’re noticing a decline in your Facebook ad campaigns, then it isn’t just you – others are experiencing the same difficulty.

Despite some recent changes to make it harder for advertisers, Facebook ads still aren’t dead. It’s just a matter of adapting and figuring out what works best for us now that the company has changed its algorithm. In this blog post, I’ll share 6 tips we’ve found after working with our clients that can turn campaigns around – even when they’re struggling in iOS14. They include:

  • Rebuild activities from scratch
  • Try interest stacking
  • Continue to grow your audience
  • Run platform remarketing campaigns
  • Use Facebook Lead Ads
  • Set up external tracking

Take care of account essentials

First of all, we need to make sure you’re using these strategies successfully with your current account settings.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends

Every year, it seems like the world of digital marketing becomes more complicated. Marketers must now focus on key areas such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), branding, user experience (UX) and emerging social media networks while they also navigate new regulations, content creation, automation and personalized interactions to stay ahead of competitors who are doing the same thing.

As we look forward to what to expect in the new year, thirty marketers were interviewed about their strategies for growth. They told us that one of the most important aspects is increasing awareness for potential customers and maximizing revenue for themselves.

Here are the top 10 digital marketing trends for 2022.

Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

As new technologies emerge and older ones become obsolete, staying current becomes increasingly important. Trends in the world of digital media have always been evolving; some more evident than others. While trends such as augmented reality (AR) may not seem necessary for day-to-day work, keep an eye out for developments – so that when you do need to create an $1,800 AR meme, you’re prepared!

1. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

It’s just a matter of time before the company will see growth in these areas, he said. One trend currently on the market is non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Unique means that it can’t be exchanged for something else worth the same amount because there is no other equivalent. For example, most fiat currencies are fungible; you can exchange them for another currency or good without losing any value.

“The preparation will pay off shortly when the network becomes more of these areas after 2022,” he said. One trending aspect of blockchain is non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Irreplaceable means that it cannot be exchanged for something of equal value because it has no equivalent. For example, the dollar is fungible.

You can swap $100 for five twenties but you cannot trade your grandmother’s wedding ring for something else of equal value because there is an authenticity factor. Blockchains contain irreplaceable digital copies – animations, graphics, GIFs, audio/video files, memes, and other digital assets.

With brands such as Campbell’s, Charmin, and Coca-Cola releasing NFT collectibles last year, Jeff Mains, CEO of consulting firm Champion Leadership Group, says this is the perfect opportunity for other brands to explore using their own digital assets and creating collectible campaigns in the future.

It is also worth noting that brand names such as Adidas will soon start developing partnerships with NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club which is an open social network for those in emerging markets. The ease of collaboration – whether it be giving away their own NFTs or even selling them has given rise to the idea that these branded collaborations are only just beginning and new innovation will lead this industry towards real progress.

2. Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies will continue to gain popularity in 2022 as well. Marketers who are on top of this trend will keep an eye out for its ever-changing nature.

While still a small fraction of the population in America, acceptance of cryptocurrency will allow brands to tap into an ever-growing demographic – it just depends on who you want your audience to be.

According to Shaun Heng, Vice President of Growth and Operations at CoinMarketCap, cryptocurrencies are also gaining traction in the payment industry. This includes the top service providers like Visa, PayPal, and MasterCard.

Marketing campaigns play an important role in understanding customer needs, especially when it comes to expanding population reach.

As a result, it should come as no surprise to you that both of these trends exist. I’m sure you’ve been incorporating one or the other into your life without even realizing it, so keep up the good work!

3. The Metaverse

Metaverse isn’t about Facebook and such; it’s about augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D holographic avatars, and video – not just one-off experiences like games, but persistent environments where people work, play, and socialize.

According to Patrick Casey, Director of Growth Marketing for Felix Health, Metaverse has been getting so much attention lately because it could potentially provide brands with a new way to measure their performance. This is partly due to the fact that there are many opportunities for unique experiences that other channels may not be able to offer yet.

Marketers will be able to explore how long virtual objects are held, what size they take up in a user’s peripheral vision, and where they look when experiencing an advertisement.

“These insights can completely change how you think about your audience, and provide valuable insight that will guide you towards the future.”

Kent Lewis, current head of digital marketing at Anvil Media, predicts that most brands will expand into the virtual realm in 2022; and although it may take some time for customers to start paying attention to this new territory, these early movers are set up for success.

4. Zero-sum first-party data

Marketers have yet to explore what life could be without third-party cookies, which Google plans to phase out in 2022. This would make this upcoming year – 2022 – the most critical one of all for data and privacy.

Many great marketers still do not know that your audience belongs to Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media network you use. You cannot control them; so 2022 will be the year where you need to start building an audience.

This means that brands must find ways to collect customer data without sacrificing privacy.

In 2022, Dan Close, CEO of Kentucky real estate company We Buy Houses, recommended creating first-party data from your own events.

Options range from email, to newsletters and social media channels, to CRM (customer relationship management) tools.

Michelle Ebbin, founder of clothing brand Jettproof, says that it is important to use both types of data when conducting research.

OuterBox CEO Justin Smith says It may take more work at first, but the data you collect from consumers can really be used to make marketing activities more personalized and targeted.

In addition, brands need to make sure that their agency partners have an advertising strategy in place after they stop relying on third-party cookies for metrics, Close said.

Marketers are also experimenting with Google’s privacy sandbox in order to find new ways of accessing consumer information without compromising the latter’s privacy, Ebbin said.

5. Social Commerce

In the year 2021, multiple retailers from Walmart to Saks tested out using social media sites such as TikTok and Instagram for e-commerce. In 2022 this trend will carry on as brands try to create a connection between discovery and purchase.

Marketers can present their products to potential customers in a whole new way, said Steve Pogson, head of FirstPier’s e-commerce strategy.

But this 2022 marketing trend has been seen across a variety of different sized brand

Clean skincare company Plant Mother saw its revenue increase 100% and referral traffic increase 1,280% after launching an Instagram store in November 2021.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2022 – Instagram Shop

As a new brand that couldn’t compete with the big beauty companies with huge advertising budgets, Instagram Shopping proved to be an effective alternative to paid advertising, she noted. Especially for products designed for everyday use.

Live commerce also offers great potential.

6. Gender neutral

Unisex clothing will be released by brands such as Old Navy and Pacific Sunwear in 2021. Inclusion is on the rise.

Rob Illidge, CEO of social media agency the Social Republic, stated that consumers watch live videos three times longer than previously recorded content which is one aspect in why so many platforms are investing this space he estimates is worth $70 billion.

Live Streaming has also benefitted from the pandemic by providing an alternative form of shopping in lieu of going to stores.

Since we started our live show at around this time last year, we have been getting about 1,500 or so viewers whenever it goes up online. Not only does this let us stay in contact with all of you on social media and YouTube but also generates a lot of revenue for the company. While November 2021 hasn’t yet passed, Moriarty has already made $30,000 from his live show alone.

7. Supply chain buffers

Aligning marketing goals with inventory limits has become a popular topic of discussion since the holiday season ended. This is due to important developments such as shortages, bottlenecks, and poor consumer experience seen during this period. To avoid these issues in the future, Chelsea Cohen advises brands to build up buffer stocks for at least thirty days.

In the event of an unexpected upsell, Cohen’s buffer stock keeps you from going out of stock. When restocking, customers won’t have to wait extra time to place an order because there will always be enough products to meet shipping deadlines.

8. Simple Content

With content marketing having been a key cornerstone of digital marketing for years now, 2022 will finally be the year when marketers are able to break away from monotony and clutter.

The internet has been overtaken by content, said Hilda Wong, founder of the company Content Dog. If you want to attract your customers’ attention at all, then you need to make sure that your content stands out even before they see it.

What are some ways brands can create content and posts that people will want to read?

Make sure you don’t overcomplicate things, she said. The content needs to be understandable.

In 2022, most things will be run through algorithms- and so brands need to give the user experience they want or else their content will become irrelevant, he said.

Getting a handle on all the information available on the internet is becoming increasingly difficult. For this reason, providing informative and straightforward content would be an obvious way to stand out from the crowd.

9. Sustainability and DEI

In the coming year, consumers are predicted to value brands even more than they already do – especially when it comes to corporate transparency. This involves being transparent about sustainability (here are some tips on green marketing), and DEI’s work on brand messaging, according to to Elevate My Brand CEO Laurel Mintz.

In order for a company to have an effect on their customers, the core values of the company must be present in all levels.

This strategy also works for nonprofit organizations. David Bitton, Chief Marketing Officer of DoorLoop Inc., said that brands can find new customers and make a contribution to society by collaborating with relevant charities.

This is a win-win situation where you can contribute to humanitarian work while enhancing your brand and impact, he said. Supporting a particular company is not enough… Think about donating some of your income or profits to NGOs when deciding what kind of marketing strategy is best.

Google’s 2021 search report shows interest in how to protect, impacts of climate change, and sustainability at all-time highs, according to alyah Regusters, assistant account manager at digital marketing firm LMR Marketing. She goes on to say that if you want your company or product to be successful then 2022 is the year for you.

Research suggests that people would rather spend money on a company if they feel their values are being represented. A company’s beliefs have become just as important as its actions, according to Kevin Froehlich, Paid Media Manager at Duckpin Agency.

As an example, he cited LEGO’s recent donation of toys to rebuild kindergartens and family assistance centers in flood-ravaged areas of Germany. It’s wonderful knowing that all my financial investments were worth it because they’re going towards something so important, he added.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2022 – Neutral Products

Damien Buxton, Managing Director of Midas Creative, explained how he has seen more brands abandon traditional gender roles in order to avoid offending or losing potential customers.

The dynamics of family life and personal preferences are constantly evolving, he said. Marketing will become less gender-focused.Marketing will become more gender-neutral, he said. It will focus less on preconceived notions about what genders people identify with and market to them accordingly.

Stewart McGrenary, director of mobile recycling comparison site Freedom Mobiles, agrees that with the rapidly growing diversity in the world around us, brands need to make sure they are catering to all those different contexts.

Nathalie Walton, CEO of health app Expectful, noted that this is partly because people are more likely to feel happy when they see people who live and look like them.

10. Accessibility

Consumers will also be able to find clothes from other popular brands, such as department store JCPenney’s new inclusive children’s clothing line.

2022 Digital Marketing Trends – Adaptive Clothing Collections

Svetlana Kuznetsova, an expert consultant who helps companies create accessible strategies, notes that there are approximately 2 billion people with disabilities worldwide and $1.9 trillion in disposable income.

Ignoring our needs means the loss of not just you and me, but our families, friends, and colleagues too- adding up to 3.4 billion potential customers altogether, she said. Collectively we control $13 trillion.

The CEO of Credit Summit Payday Loan Consolidation, Carter Seuthe, agrees that accessibility will help your brand reach a wider audience, allowing you to reach people who might not consider your product otherwise.

Some of these trends may be easier for your business to catch than others. Pay attention to them as general indications, but don’t forget about what’s coming down the line next year!

To recap, the key digital marketing trends for 2022 are:

  • ‘Multiverse’
  • Token that is non-fungible
  • The crypto currency
  • First-party data and zero data
  • Buffer in the supply chain
  • Social media and live commerce
  • Content with a simple design
  • DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion)
  • A gender-neutral approach
  • Ease of access

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