Why the Form Factor is Important

If you’re looking for a new gaming PC or workstation PC, you’re probably overwhelmed with all the many choices and options out there. And though some specifications might be the same from builder to builder, one of the key differentiators that makes certain brands stand out over others is the form factor. What does this mean? It means it matters a lot, and here’s why


As someone who assumes they are looking for a high-end computer, the cooling ability should be among one of your main considerations. Generally speaking, larger cases allow more air to circulate them and across all your components – which will result in better performance, stability, and longevity. If you are set on purchasing an mATX chassis but there aren’t enough fans inside, don’t buy it yet because you’re risking damaging your parts.

Our recommended setup includes one intake and one exhaust fan, with the intake on the bottom or sides and the exhaust at the top or back. For example, when designing MX3 chassis, we put the intake fans at the bottom to allow cool air to enter from below and exit out of the case. With this configuration, there is plenty of fresh cool air for maximum airflow circulation – which makes it cooler than any other mATX case out there (or at least that’s what we think).


When selecting a form factor, one has to consider how much room is available for the components one has now as well as what ones might like to have down the line. It’s bad enough when you see the latest graphics card only to realize your chassis doesn’t include enough space to fit it; but it’s even worse when you can’t get anything because there isn’t any room left at all!

In addition to total space, efficiency in the use of that space is also important. It is important to ensure that the form factor is well designed to make good use of the space available without limiting expansion possibilities or wasting space unnecessarily.

And yes, looks

Hey, appearances are important. Unless the idea of filling your office with mass-produced plastic cases is appealing, you’ll want to take a moment to consider how aesthetically pleasing the case will be. A well-designed chassis can provide flair and style without being gaudy or too flashy. To help you decide which one will make your friends envious – there’s the all aluminum MX3 pictured above, or below is a Chinese plastic and steel system from an unknown maker? We think so too!

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