Home Office Setup Tips

Setting up a home office is not an easy job. There are many small decisions you can make to improve your experience both physically and mentally when it comes to increasing comfort or productivity for your work routine.

Position Your Desk Properly

Where you decide to place your desk in your bedroom can be very important. Try to take note of where the windows are and avoid places where natural light is casting onto your monitor.

If possible, position your desk or chair in such a way that the back of it faces away from the window while still being able to see outside. This way you’ll always be able to look outside at different times of day and watch how it changes throughout the year.

Buy Dedicated Conference Call Equipment

Conference calls are a common occurrence nowadays for many office workers. Attempting to take these calls using only your smartphone or laptop webcam and microphone can result in an awkward experience which makes you appear less professional.

Your calls will be significantly improved if you purchase a standalone webcam, speakerphone, or microphone. To maintain this standard consistently, you may also want to purchase them for future use as well.

Pick up a Set of Speakers

Headphones are an excellent tool, but some people wear them too often. A good set of desktop speakers can make it easier to take telephone calls where you don’t have to speak loud and can reduce the strain on your ears from listening through headphones all day long.

Upgrade Your Internet

If you’re still using a basic internet connection, now may be the time to upgrade. Your wireless network may not be able to handle all of the stress placed on it by high-bandwidth applications like video conferencing and online gaming.

Invest in Storage

You now have a new set of supplies to organize. Storage shelves and filing cabinets are an effective way to clean up your workspace and keep items organized.

Customize your Office

Upgrading your office environment so that it reflects who you are can boost productivity. Hang up pictures or wall art from things you love, improve the lighting and buy some live plants to brighten the mood of your new workplace – even if it’s just for one day! And don’t forget about personalizing your workstation with paint!

Upgrade your Computer/Accessories

You may only be able to use your desktop computer for simple tasks, such as watching YouTube videos. But if you work at a desk all day long, you will need something more powerful and up-to-date to do your job efficiently. You should consider upgrading or replacing your current equipment with what will better suit your needs.

Make a Secondary Workspace

Sitting in one place for too long can lead to mental exhaustion. It’s good to change up your environment from time-to-time and work from different spots around the house, such as a coffee table with WiFi or an office made specifically for working remotely.

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