How to Clean Dust From Your PC

Dust might seem like a harmless inconvenience at first but if left unchecked it will quickly make your computer grind to a halt. Thankfully, we have come up with an easy way for you to keep your computer running smoothly and efficiently forever. In this video, we’ll show you how to clean out the dust from inside your computer so that it never goes down again!

If a computer gets too much dust buildup, it slows down and might even stop working. A few simple steps every week or so can help you maintain your computer’s health. Watch this video to learn how to remove the dust from inside of your computer before it becomes an issue.

Step 1: Shut down and unplug the PC

Make sure you shut down your PC and disconnect it from the power source before trying to clean dust from it. To be safe, you should also disconnect any connected peripherals.

Step 2: Clean All Dust Filters

Clean the dust filters on your case with a clean cloth if they have been installed. Any residual dust can be blown away with compressed air

Step 3: Blow out the Dust

Continue to blow out all dust with your compressed air, working from top to bottom. Make sure you clean your heatsinks and fans thoroughly. Don’t worry about taking your time. If you want to avoid condensation, make sure the can is upright.

Step 4: Reconnect Power and Peripherals

After you’re done cleaning, plug everything back in and turn it on. Keep your PC breathing easy by repeating this process every 6 to 12 months.

There you have it! You can find more computer troubleshooting tips and tricks on the Pc Loft blog.

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