How to Move a Gun Safe – Step-By-Step Guide

Moving can be both tiring and difficult. Often you will find yourself struggling to move heavy objects around tight corners or narrow hallways. Of all the struggles you might encounter, one of the most taxing has got to be transporting a gun safe. Heavy and robust enough to keep your valuables protected, these safes are often bulky and cumbersome which makes them hard to move from home to home without difficulty.

What are the steps for moving a gun safe? To ensure safety of all involved, follow these guidelines

Prepare the Gun Safe

The first thing you need to do when moving your heavy gun safe is take out everything inside and outside of it. This will significantly reduce the weight, as well as make sure nothing breaks or becomes damaged during the process.

You should also double-check that you’ve locked and closed the door before moving. Inadvertent opening of doors during transit can result in not only damage to the safe but potentially personal injury as well. One way to prevent this from happening is by wrapping thick furniture blankets around it so that you cover all surfaces.

Obtain the Best Moving Equipment

To successfully move a gun safe, it is best to use an appliance dolly. This sturdy equipment will ensure that the cumbersome weight of your gun safe does not cause damage upon its movement. Professional movers often opt for this type of dolly too.

When you want to rent a dolly from a nearby moving company, it is important to communicate your safe’s precise size and weight beforehand. You can usually find this information in your safe’s documentation. Be sure to bring supporting ropes or straps with you as well, in addition to the rental itself.

Outline Your Game Plan

To execute the move safely, you should have a clear plan of how you will transport it to another location. Your game plan should include where you will go outside and towards your vehicle. Make sure that your destination is clear so that you know when to take off from this destination point. Be careful around corners, confined spaces, and staircases – these are perfect opportunities for accidents to happen.

So, how can you form a solid game measure for your escape plan? Begin by measuring all tight spaces and doorways along the route. Analyze these measurements against those of your safe so that you know if it’s possible to reach it at all.

Take the time to clear any objects on the ground or in your way. Tripping over something while moving could cause extreme injuries and slow down your progress.

It would be wise for you to discuss the plan with others who are helping or are about to help with this move. Once everyone is on the same page, it will go much more smoothly than before – outlining a system of warning signals for one another if an emergency arises during the project so all involved can react accordingly and proceed accordingly. You should also have someone walk ahead of time as well so that they can see what lies ahead and warn anyone else coming up behind them in case anything goes wrong along the way.

Safeguard the Floors and Walls

Moving a heavy gun safe might seem like it’s an easy task, but trust me when I say – it’s not. You’re going to need some sure-handed movers who won’t make any mistakes or take things lightly while they’re working so they don’t end up damaging anything or hurting themselves in the process.

It is wise to cover up the safe with moving blankets, but it might go a step further by adding protection to any tight spots along the way. Add padding or covering to tight corners, door openings, furniture pieces and other walls. Focus on places where the gun safe could rub or touch during this process.

To protect the floor from being scratched by the safe or dolly, lay down old blankets and rugs to cushion them when they land on a surface. This way if the safe falls off its dolly, it has enough padding to protect the hardwood from being damaged.

Carefully Load the Safe onto the Dolly

You may have the most modern equipment around when it comes to your appliance dolly, but there are still some vital steps you need to take before loading up your safe. Follow these nine easy-to-follow steps below:

  • Align and position the dolly next to one of the safe’s side
  • Position all your helpers on the other side of the safe and then move it back
  • Place the dolly under the safe and then slide it in place until the whole thing rests securely on it.
  • With the help of your ropes or supportive straps, you can now tightly secure the safe to the dolly. Make sure there is no slack so that it doesn’t move at all.
  • Tilt the dolly back on its wheels while keeping the safe stabilized and balanced to prevent it from tipping over. You should distribute the weight of your box as evenly as possible across the floor of your truck while simultaneously being supported by your helper.

Safely Load The Safe onto the Truck

Now that you’re at the car, it seems most of the difficult tasks are done. How do you load the safe into the truck?

The best thing to do before packing up for your move is to make sure that you have a loading ramp. It’s important and can’t be overlooked when it comes down to getting all of your belongings from one place to another.

As you carry the heavy safe up the ramp, it’s important to make sure that someone is helping pull from below while those remaining behind are pushing from above. As long as everyone cooperates and keeps an even pace, the process should go smoothly without any undue strain.

Final Reminder: Safety First

Whether it be for work or personal reasons, there are many risks involved in transporting your large safe from point A to point B. It is imperative that you take the necessary precautions and make sure you’re ready for anything before you start loading it up onto the truck or hiring movers. Here are some tips to keep your life and those around you safe while moving a large gun safe:

  • Be aware of your strength limitations
  • Invest in the best and safest moving equipment
  • To ensure a smooth move, hire three helpers.
  • Dress comfortably and wear close-toed shoes
  • Wear strong work gloves to protect your fingers and hands

Final Thoughts

Moving on its own is exhausting, and moving a gun safe can leave you feeling puzzled about how to relocate something when you find out it is near impossible to carry. With these tips, you’ll be able to make things simpler while understanding how to move a gun safe and keep using it for years to come.

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