How to get Padlet for students

Padlet is an online hosted board for students, teachers, entrepreneurs, and more. Users can create a personal space to post text, videos, images, and links as well as save them privately or share them with others anytime they please. With a variety of tools built-in such as drawing abilities and creative editing options – there’s no limit to what one could do on this website. There are also fun interactive games that children can play when it is too cold outside! Padlet provides so many opportunities for creativity!

The Padlet educational software has been downloaded and used by millions of people worldwide. Primarily, it’s used in schools or at work for group projects – but anyone can use it! The service comes with a free option to try out, but subscribers also have access to all sorts of extra features. Read below for instructions on signing up!

Padlet: Overview

Padlet is an online created platform that enables students and teachers with the tools they need to collaborate, share links and content. With Padlet one can work towards creating paper-like materials which are easily read. This application is helpful in completing projects assigned at school. Communication between colleagues becomes simple when using this tool; even if there isn’t much time to complete a task before handing it in.

Padlet is accessible through browsers by connecting with an internet-enabled device. It has many built-in features to create powerful presentations, such as Padlet Backpack which schools and students can use specifically.

Pricing of Padlet for students

The Padlet Backpack is free for students and teachers for the first 30 days. Once the trial period is over, they will have to proceed to a paid subscription. The school plan is $2000 for every school year and it includes accounts for 500 teachers and students. This offer is great and every student needs to take advantage of it. Once the 30 days trial period is over, the next action will be to purchase a Padlet Plan.

They also have a plan that is totally free but this one is not specially designed for students. It does not have the customized features the Backpack plan has. Students with schools that have subscriptions with Padlet can always access it using the details of their institution.

How to get Padlet for Students

You can easily find Padlet if you are a student. Start by visiting their official website. When you’re on the website, click the Schools tab on the left side. You’ll be directed to a more private version of this software just for students. Scroll down and then click Try it for 30 days. You’ll need to fill out the form at the bottom of that page if you want access to this resource.

Enter your institution name, domain, full name, email, and password to continue. After signing up for an account for free for 30 days, students will be able to take advantage of all of the features and functions provided by this platform. It’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to design professional looking documents; while its wide variety of templates make it so there are no excuses not to do so!

How Students can log in to Padlet

After clicking on a link from the teacher, students will have full access to documents their teachers create for class work. This digital space provides open collaboration opportunities where students can ask questions, post comments and engage with each other through discussion boards. Prior to logging in, you may need to create an account with Microsoft, Google, or Apple Inc. After that, you can log in using the credentials you provided during registration.

Features of Padlet for Students

The new student-friendly Padlet Backpack offers many different kinds of features. It has access to Privacy and Security settings, which are both key components to making this experience more seamless for students. These new changes offer some nice improvements, such as.

  • User Management and Account Security
  • I wish we had a little more privacy so you can hear me better.
  • Protecting Yourself
  • Monitoring school-wide activities
  • Branding
  • A bigger file upload
  • Delightful Services
  • Student portfolios and reports
  • Content Filtering
  • In regards to Google Apps and LMS integration


Finally, it was easy for students to sign up and start using Padlet. This open-source program can be accessed through a web browser, so they don’t need any specific devices. They were able to create nice-looking multimedia projects once inside, but could also work with other people remotely. Padlet is enjoyable software that could help boost productivity in learning because it’s simple to use.

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