Threadripper PRO Workstation ProMagix HD150

Today we announce the launch of our newest workstation – powered by AMD Threadripper PRO processors. Here at ProMagix, nobody has been able to build more workstations than us; which is why it is such an honor for us to now offer you this cutting-edge new processor architecture that will take things up a notch from where they were before. Check out our complete press release here (with quotes from AMD and Asus) if you want to know more about the details, but stick around because there are some other awesome features packed inside these new machines.

What are the advantages of Threadripper PRO?

Like it’s TRX40 counterpart, the WRX80 PRO is a powerful workstation suited for high-threaded jobs like computational fluid dynamics, pro video editing, or visual effects. With up to 64 cores and 128 threads of processing power respectively – both have their own strengths in what they can do best:

Higher Memory Bandwidth and Memory Density – PRO supports up to 2TB of total RAM, whereas Standard only offers 256GB with full support for ECC (Error Correction Code) RAM.

128 PCIe Gen4 Lanes – Doubling the maximum number of PCIe lanes from 64 to 128 will give you plenty of space for future proofing your workstation.

AMD PRO Technologies – Threadripper PRO will come with the same security features as its previous Ryzen Pro processors – for a more secure experience. For more information, click here.

Who is Threadripper PRO for?

A wide variety of industries can benefit from PRO Technologies’ workstations. For example, if you are in the business industry and need a system to be used in an enterprise environment where the advantages of Pro Technologies or needing 256 GB+ RAM, then you would see significant benefits. Industries like architecture, oil & gas, machine learning, VFX – all could make use-cases happen with Pro Workstations. However, each industry has different needs; so it’s important to check out our links below on some Channels’ Specific Workflows – they can give you an idea of how Threadripper Pro might benefit your own workflow!

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Cinebench makes use of multi-threaded processors to run CPU-intensive benchmarks. Unfortunately, we do not have enough data for Cinebench to provide an accurate representation of the speed at which it performs; however, these scores should serve as evidence for its potential.

This screenshot shows that the 32 core PRO 3975W outperforms the 2nd gen Threadripper by 35%. It also nearly doubles scores of the Intel i9-10980X – one of its lower end products. This kind of a performance advantage is absolutely paramount when it comes to dealing with heavy workloads where there are many threads running at once.

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